Virgin Media O2 partners with VMware on 5G rollout

29 Mar 2022

Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has selected VMware to help modernise its network and ‘enable the continued success of its 5G rollout’. In a press release regarding the development it was noted that the British operator will leverage VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure to rapidly design, build, test and implement virtualised network functions. VMO2 will also reportedly leverage VMware Tanzu for Telco’s Kubernetes cluster capabilities to build Containers as a Service (CaaS) proficiency, with this expected to support the next generation of containerised network functions and enable VMO2 to maintain and expand the network’s ability to support multi-vendor solutions.

Chris Buggie, Director of Infrastructure & Cloud Engineering & Delivery at VMO2, said of the matter: ‘Virtualising and modernising our network is essential if we are to cement our position as the leading telco provider across UK and EU and we are delighted to partner with VMware to achieve this. By utilising a consistent, NFV- and cloud-native platform for onboarding and managing our workloads and network functions, we are able reinvest into the network and our customers with a service we can be proud of.’

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