FNA consults on minimum technical requirements for internet access

29 Mar 2022

Germany’s Federal Network Agency (FNA, known locally as Bundesnetzagentur) has published its draft Telecommunications Minimum Requirements Ordinance (TKMV-E) for public consultation with the federal states and market participants. The formulation of the regulations follows the entry into force of the amended Telecommunications Act on 1 December 2021 which outlines the rights of citizens to be supplied with telecoms services, taking into account the European requirements. In addition to voice services, this right also includes an internet access service. The internet access service to be guaranteed within this framework must meet certain technical requirements, and the essential parameters are required to be defined in the form of a statutory order by 1 June 2022.

The TKMV-E contains stipulations that shape the right to the provision of telecoms services, including the parameters for the minimum download and upload bandwidths to be made available, as well as the maximum permissible latency. The FNA has invited suggestions from all market participants to be included in the further considerations with a view to drawing up and finalising the statutory ordinance.

The right to be provided with telecoms services also means that the products offered are available at affordable prices, and the FNA has to publish principles for the affordability of universal services six months after the law comes into force and after hearing the parties concerned.

Germany, Federal Network Agency (FNA)