Virgin Media O2 details fixed and mobile network development in Wales

23 Mar 2022

Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has detailed a range of network infrastructure upgrades, expansion and investments across Wales, saying its increased mobile network coverage has been ‘spearheaded’ by 4G upgrades, with capacity reportedly boosted in 5,800 postcodes over the past year.

In a press release regarding its network development VMO2 said that, alongside its 4G upgrades, the Welsh capital Cardiff now has 5G coverage blanketing more than 66% of its population, thanks in part to recently deployed low band 5G spectrum. Meanwhile, the operator said that continued investment of more than GBP61 million (USD81 million) in recent years has resulted in significant broadband network expansion across Wales, with it having reached a further 104,000 homes and businesses via its ‘Project Lightning’ programme, while it claimed gigabit speeds were now available to ‘almost one million people across Wales’.

In a further boost to businesses, Virgin Media Business Wholesale, the fixed wholesale connectivity arm of Virgin Media O2 Business, has announced a significant boost to its pre-existing fibre capacity in South Wales. According to the operator it has more than doubled its capacity across the M4 Prince of Wales Severn Bridge, connecting subsea landing stations to the M4 corridor and London. It claims this adds vital capacity to support demand from wholesale partners on either side of the estuary, ensuring shorter delivery times for customer projects, while also enabling additional diverse and resilient network routes for businesses depending on reliable and secure data transmission between South Wales and the rest of the UK.

Commenting, Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer at VMO2, said: ‘Our continued investment in Wales is a key demonstration of the crucial role both broadband and mobile connectivity plays, and the impact it has, on local communities as we seek to reduce the digital divide. Cardiff is currently one of our strongest cities with 5G coverage, and I’m proud of our ongoing work to upgrade our 4G network across the country, providing the backbone of connectivity to our customers. Our fibre investment in the Severn Bridge demonstrates our commitment to supporting wholesale partners and businesses in Wales, giving them the fastest and most reliable connectivity to boost productivity and efficiency.’

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