SES speeds up C-band clearing; Verizon to gain early access to 5G spectrum

22 Mar 2022

Satellite operator SES has signed an agreement with Verizon to expand the US telco’s access to a portion of 5G-suitable 3700MHz-3800MHz C-band spectrum in important regions across the US earlier than the relocation deadlines previously set out by the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC).

SES previously completed its Phase I accelerated C-band clearing – ahead the first FCC deadline of 5 December 2021 – earning almost USD1 billion in accelerated relocation payments. To meet the Phase II deadline (5 December 2023), SES is already working to relocate its existing services from the 3700MHz-4000MHz band and complete equipment changes for its Incumbent Earth Stations across the entire contiguous US, earning an additional USD3 billion in accelerated relocation payments in the process.

In a separate press release, Verizon notes that the accelerated C-band clearing timetable will allow it to launch 5G in at least 30 additional ‘major population centres’ this year, including the likes of Atlanta, Denver, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

United States, SES, Verizon Wireless