Ofcom launches consultation on space spectrum strategy

16 Mar 2022

The UK’s telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation related to its proposed strategy for managing radio spectrum used by the space sector, as it noted that this area – and its use of spectrum – continues to grow, with the likes of OneWeb and SpaceX deploying large numbers of new non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellites.

Ofcom last set out a strategy for spectrum work in the space sector back in January 2017, in which the regulator focused on ways to enable growth in satellite broadband and Earth observation, and set out a workplan which it claims to have ‘now largely delivered’. However, with the sector having undergone ‘significant change and rapid expansion’, Ofcom highlighted an increased pressure on the use of spectrum and a need for coordination to ensure that the increased number of satellites in operation avoid interference between NGSO systems.

As such, Ofcom is seeking stakeholder input on its proposed strategy, including evidence on future trends, additional issues that it would be beneficial for it to consider and whether specific issues should be of high priority and why. With the consultation scheduled to close on 24 May 2022, the regulator aims to publish a finalised strategy later this year’.

United Kingdom, Ofcom