DITO claims seven million ‘active’ mobile subscriptions

16 Mar 2022

The Philippines’ third telco DITO Telecommunity announced yesterday (15 March) that, a year after the launch of its commercial operations, it has reached the milestone of seven million ‘active’ mobile subscriptions on its network. In a brief statement, DITO chief administrative officer Adel Tamano said: ‘We are pleased to inform our countrymen that DITO has hit another milestone in our journey. As of March 14, close to a week after our first anniversary, we have hit seven million active subscribers.’

DITO has also recently noted that it is only a ‘few hundred towers’ shy of meeting its year three commitment to provide coverage for 70% of the Filipino population. With the audit due in July this year, the third telco has so far deployed more than 4,000 cell towers across the country.

Philippines, DITO Telecommunity Corp