ANCOM sets tariffs for pole access

16 Mar 2022

Following a consultation, Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has adopted indicative tariffs charged to telecoms network operators for access to the overhead infrastructure owned, managed or leased by electricity distribution companies and local public transport services. Described as an important step in the implementation of the Infrastructure Law, the tariffs are intended to simplify negotiations between the parties and help stimulate the development of communications networks.

For access to the infrastructure of electricity distribution companies, ANCOM has set rates of RON2.05 (USD0.45) per pole/cable/month for poles supporting low voltage overhead power lines, RON3.51 per pole/cable/month for those carrying medium voltage lines and RON28.55 per km/cable/month for overhead infrastructure supporting high voltage lines. The indicative tariff for poles used by local public transport services is RON7.44 per pole/cable/month. The rates are exclusive of VAT and can be indexed annually to the inflation rate.