Telekom Malaysia stops accepting new copper-based broadband sign-ups

14 Mar 2022

Telekom Malaysia has announced that it is no longer accepting new registrations for its copper-based broadband services, ‘unifi Lite’ (‘Streamyx’) and ‘Business Broadband’. In a press release regarding the matter the operator said its decision to discontinue new registrations had been made ‘in support of the Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) action plan to deliver enhanced connectivity experience to all Malaysians’.

Further, Telekom Malaysia also confirmed that it intends to migrate all Streamyx and Business Broadband customers to a fibre-based service ‘in phases’ by 2025. According to the telco, it will reach out to its subscribers via e-mail, letter, calls and SMS to ensure a seamless migration experience.

Malaysia, Telekom Malaysia