Telecom Armenia extends NGN to Jermuk

11 Mar 2022

Telecom Armenia (formerly VEON, trading as Beeline) has extended its next generation network (NGN) to Jermuk, a mountain spa town and the centre of the Jermuk Municipality of the Vayots Dzor Province in southern Armenia. The telco claims the state-of-the-art network is equipped with 25Gbps bandwidth and is available to ‘almost all’ premises in Jermuk. With the infrastructure now in place, it is offering subscribers its COSMO-branded triple-play packages with access speeds of up to 100Mbps and said that in future it plans to connect all settlements across Armenia with its fibre network. Telecom Armenia’s NGN network is already available in Gndevaz and Kajaran, as well as in two administrative districts of Yerevan, namely Davitashen and Arabkir.

Armenia, Team Telecom Armenia (formerly Beeline)