Nextel brand relaunched by Florida businessman

3 Mar 2022

A Pompano Beach-based businessman has relaunched the dormant Nextel brand, which was previously used by a number of defunct iDEN push-to-talk (PTT) operators in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Chile. According to its crowdfunding page, the company will operate as an MVNO over the AT&T network and has partnered with Nextel Inc. to licence the iconic Nextel intellectual property assets, including the logo and the ‘Nextel chirp’ sound effect.

The new iteration of Nextel will offer an array of handheld and vehicular mounted devices aimed at small business clients. Customers will be able to use the ‘Direct Connect’ two-way radio feature and GPS-based location tracking services.

Jeffrey Kaplan, CEO of Nextel Mobile Worldwide, commented: ‘We are thrilled that this beloved American iconic telecommunications brand … is once again available to the business community as well as personal use … Nextel’s ultimate goal is to re-sign the 20 million former Nextel business subscribers, to reopen over 5,000 Nextel brand new dealer locations providing needed job opportunities and to once again become a company valued at over USD30 billion.’

United States, Nextel Mobile Worldwide