MoTC extends deadline for 700MHz spectrum licences covering Aland Islands

28 Feb 2022

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (Liikenne-ja viestintaministerio, MoTC) has extended the deadline for the issuance of 700MHz spectrum licences covering the Aland Islands. Having previously opened applications back in December 2021, setting a deadline of 20 January 2022, it has now confirmed that three companies have lodged bids, namely Elisa, Telia Finland and Aland Telecommunications (Alcom). However, with the MoTC noting that per a statutory timetable it should have made a decision about issuing the new licences by 3 March 2022, it has instead extended the deadline to 31 May 2022. In so doing, the watchdog said that in accordance with the Aland Self-Government Act, a state authority may grant permission to engage in public telecommunications in the province only with the consent of the provincial government. As such, the MoTC has justified extending the licensing process so as to allow the Aland authorities time to examine the matter ‘to a sufficient extent’.