PTS opens spectrum consultation

25 Feb 2022

The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (Post & Telestyrelsen, PTS) has opened a consultation into the allocation of spectrum licences in the 900MHz, 2.1GHz and 2.6GHz bands. The award of licences is scheduled to begin in September 2023, with permits valid from the start of 2026. The 900MHz concessions will run for 23 years, while licences in the other two bands will be valid for 25 years. 2×10MHz will be allocated in the 900MHz band, primarily to improve wireless signals alongside main road and rail routes. A spectrum ceiling of 2×20 MHz will apply in the allocation of the 900MHz band, while the 2.1GHz and 2.6GHz bands will have a cap of 120MHz per operator. Stakeholders have until 28 March 2022 to submit written comments.