Lynk Global signs contracts with MNOs across seven Pacific and Caribbean island nations

24 Feb 2022

Lynk Global has announced the signing of multiple commercial contracts with mobile network operators (MNOs) covering seven island nations in the Pacific and Caribbean, including with Telikom PNG in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and bmobile in the Solomon Islands. According to Lynk, its satellites will offer ‘a constellation of cell towers in space that will enable PNG and Solomon Islands’ subscribers to stay connected across their nations’ vast terrain simply using their standard unmodified mobile phones’.

Lynk claims the agreements will eliminate much of the need to invest in land-based infrastructure and mobile towers for mobile connectivity throughout island nations, while suggesting that its satellite-direct-to-standard-phone service will resolve connectivity problems for those in areas currently lacking any mobile network coverage.

Commenting on the development, Telikom PNG’s acting CEO, Amos Tepi, was cited as saying: ‘Mobile phone connectivity across land and sea continues to be a major priority for Papua New Guinea and our neighbour the Solomon Islands … The option to bypass mobile base stations is increasingly relevant to our communities especially in far flung locations. Lynk’s mobile phone connectivity – through mobile base stations-in-space via a network of satellites – is ideally suited to meet current and future demands of Papua New Guinea.’

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