GCRA launches consultation on licence fees

16 Feb 2022

The Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA) has launched a consultation regarding proposed changes to the mechanism for setting licence fees. According to the watchdog, following the reversion to separate regulatory bodies for Guernsey and Jersey there is now a need to upgrade the current ‘Information Note’ so it is Guernsey specific. Further, the GCRA said that there are aspects of the current licensing framework ‘where improvements seem appropriate’.

In terms of two specific changes that are being considered, these are: a proposal to increase the minimum level of licence fee for all spectrum holders to GBP16,500 (USD22,337) per annum; and the possibility of invoicing licensees for the cost of pursuing late payments at a daily rate of GBP450.

Responses from interested parties to the consultation have been requested by a deadline of 22 March 2022.