Romania, Moldova agree to cut roaming, international call charges

14 Feb 2022

The governments of Romania and Moldova signed an agreement on 11 February to reduce tariffs for roaming services and international calls between the two countries, Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has announced. The accord has been concluded for an initial period of five years, with the changes expected to be implemented within the next three months.

According to the press release, the agreement aims to create the framework for a sustainable reduction in retail tariffs for international roaming services, including voice, SMS and data, as well as international calls between the two countries. ANCOM and its Moldovan counterpart, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), will ensure that network operators within their jurisdictions negotiate in good faith with any applicant the technical and commercial conditions for the provision of interconnection in order to terminate in its own network calls and SMS from numbers from the other party’s state, as well as the international transit of calls and SMS to networks in its own state.