AT&T claims 500,000 FWA subs

7 Feb 2022

AT&T has revealed that it has signed up more than 500,000 fixed wireless access (FWA) subscriptions to date. In an interview with Fierce Wireless, Chris Sambar, AT&T’s EVP of Technology Operations, commented: ‘We’re no stranger to fixed wireless … Fixed wireless has some warts on it. It’s got issues where you can’t have too many fixed users on a single sector. That becomes complicated. As the years go on, that spectrum becomes congested. What do you do with your FWA customers at that point? We want to be very careful and thoughtful.’

TeleGeography notes that US FWA uptake has surged in recent quarters, as the country’s main players have sought to target unserved communities. Rival operator T-Mobile US recently disclosed that it ended December 2021 with 646,000 FWA subscriptions, while Verizon is currently lagging behind, serving just 223,000 FWA users at end-2021.

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