Filipino operators welcome SIM registration bill approval

4 Feb 2022

Telecoms operators PLDT Inc., Globe Telecom and DITO Telecommunity have broadly welcomed the ratification of measures to implement the SIM Card Registration Act in the Philippines and expressed their willingness to implement it once it becomes law. On Thursday 3 February, the Senate and the House of Representatives approved the plan to introduce SIM registration prompting a positive response from Smart Communications’ vice president for regulatory affairs Roy Ibay, who opined: ‘We welcome this development from Congress. We have always maintained our stance that the SIM card registration bill will help quash the proliferation of fraudulent spam messages, smishing cases and fraud, and will boost telecom security efforts to keep subscribers safe’. The bill would require all public telecommunications entities (PTEs) to register all SIM cards as a prerequisite to their sale and activation. The bill also provides that all social media networks should require the real name and phone number of users upon the creation of their accounts.

Meanwhile, PLDT’s main rival Globe issued a brief statement outlining that the measure forms part of its own ‘commitment to support the government in its fight against fraud, terrorism and other crimes. It also paves the way for greater digital and financial inclusion,’ and DITO CTO Rodolfo Santiago confirmed that his company had already considered the mandatory registration of SIMs, noting: ‘We will have no major challenge in terms of implementing whatever the objective of the law. Basically, we will just await it to be passed.’