Deep and meaningful: UScellular, T-Mobile talk up acquired spectrum

3 Feb 2022

Following the conclusion of Auction 110 – the most recent spectrum sale held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – two of the more notable participants have shared new details regarding their respective 5G strategies.

Regional operator UScellular noted: ‘Combining mid-band purchases of CBRS spectrum in Auction 105 and C-band in Auction 107 with the spectrum acquired in recently-completed Auction 110, UScellular will have mid-band spectrum in the great majority of its operating footprint and over 80% of subscribers will be covered with mid-band spectrum depths of 100MHz or more.’ In Auction 110, UScellular says it purchased 380 licences covering 97% of its subscribers for a total cost of USD580 million.

T-Mobile US, meanwhile, says it won an average of 21MHz of mid-band spectrum in key areas home to 184 million people across the US, which it will deploy to add additional depth to its 2.5GHz ‘Ultra Capacity 5G’ network. Going forward, T-Mobile plans to bring Ultra Capacity 5G to 260 million people this year and cover 300 million people in 2023.