Telekom rolls out fibre network to 463 new development areas

31 Jan 2022

Telekom Deutschland, the fixed and mobile unit of Deutsche Telekom (DT), rolled out its fibre-optic network to an additional 463 new development areas in the fourth quarter of 2021. The deployments included 38 commercial areas and has benefited around 36,300 households and businesses. The firm’s fibre network supports maximum download speeds of 1Gbps and upload rates of 200Mbps. Each year, Telekom rolls out its fibre network to around 2,000 new development areas in Germany.

‘New development areas are a big factor in our fibre-optic expansion – both in the city and in the country. Anyone who develops an area or builds a property has a reliable partner at their side in us when it comes to stable and future-proof fibre-optic connections at home. Only with Telekom’s fibre-optic network will future residents of new development areas be able to benefit from a large number of internet providers on Telekom’s network,’ said Klaus Muller, who is responsible for fibre-optics at Telekom.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland