eir partners with InfraVia to accelerate fibre broadband rollout

28 Jan 2022

Ireland’s eir has agreed a deal with InfraVia to establish a joint venture (JV) partnership for its wholesale fibre broadband network that it claims will ‘help to accelerate the rollout of high speed internet across Ireland’. In a press release it was noted that the deal will see a new subsidiary of eir formed, named Fibre Networks Ireland Limited, that will allow InfraVia to take a 49% share in eir’s network. Fibre Networks Ireland will provide passive broadband access exclusively to eir’s wholesale arm – open eir – which in turn will continue to supply wholesale broadband, voice, and other services to its customers including eir and other major telecoms companies.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that the investment provided by this JV will allow eir to increase the pace of expansion of its fibre broadband network, with it estimated that 200,000 homes will be passed by its fibre infrastructure in 2022, increasing to 250,000 in 2023. According to eir, the accelerated rollout will allow around 50,000 more families and businesses than initially anticipated to gain access to fibre broadband each year. Ultimately the operator is aiming to pass a total of 1.9 million premises across the country by the end of 2026.

Stephen Tighe, eir CFO, said of the matter: ‘The establishment of Fibre Networks Ireland provides a vehicle for further investment in our already extensive network. eir’s mission has always been to connect people through great quality services. Through this exciting partnership with InfraVia we can improve our ability to connect customers faster than ever before and ensure that more homes in Ireland can access the high speed internet that has become an increasingly important part of how we live our lives.’

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