SoftNET seeking new markets in Indonesia and Africa

27 Jan 2022

Slovenia-based B2B telecom services provider SoftNET which is already active in 17 countries across the globe, is contemplating expanding into Indonesia, according to the company’s director and owner Andrej Bostjancic. He added that his company is also considering building a presence in Africa, noting: ‘After enlargement to Asia, we decided that the greatest potential for enlargement is the African continent. Many companies are expanding there and these companies are already our customers to a greater extent. In addition, we are seeing an extremely fast digitalisation of society in Africa – from mobile payments to other online services’.

The telco, which is a privately-owned regional provider of telecommunication services established in 1996 in Slovenia, has built an advanced IP network and opened offices in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and China, amongst other countries, including the recent launch in Vietnam in April 2021. Its networks focus on ‘low latency worldwide connectivity’ through PoPs in Europe and Asia.

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