More than 1.1m numbers ported in Romania in 2021

27 Jan 2022

Romania’s National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) has revealed that almost 1.106 million telephone numbers were ported in 2021 – the highest annual figure since the service’s introduction in 2008. Mobile number portings rose 20.3% year-on-year to 1.051 million, while 54,871 fixed voice numbers were transferred between providers (23.4% lower).

RCS&RDS (DIGI) accepted the most mobile porting requests in 2021 (561,963), followed by Orange Romania (152,939), Vodafone Romania (148,017), Telekom Romania Mobile Communications (105,634) and Telekom Romania Communications (82,333). Post-paid subscriptions accounted for 54% (569,784) of the mobile numbers ported. Fixed telephone numbers were ported between the main providers as follows: RCS&RDS 30,117, Vodafone 6,926, Orange 6,416, GTS Telecom 5,487, Voxbone 2,481 and others 3,444.

Almost 8.4 million numbers have now been transferred between networks since the portability service was introduced in October 2008, comprising 7.4 million mobile numbers (87%) and almost one million fixed voice numbers.