SPRK completes 1.5GHz tender

25 Jan 2022

Latvian telecoms watchdog the Public Utilities Commission (Sabiedrisko Pakalpojumu Regulesanas Komisija, SPRK) has completed the competition process for allocating spectrum rights in the 1.5GHz band, the results of which are set to be approved by the SPRK Council before the end of the month. The sale featured the rights to spectrum in the 1432MHz-1472MHz/1492MHz-1512MHz range, split into three lots and available for a 20-year period from February 2022. The base price for each lot was EUR200,000 (USD226,851) and operators were permitted to purchase up to two of the blocks. In a statement from the SPRK, the regulator notes that the airwaves will be used to improve the performance of mobile communications networks. Although the results have yet to be approved by the regulator, Swedish-owned cellco Tele2 issued a statement claiming that it had acquired the rights to spectrum in the 1.5GHz band for EUR220,000.