Vodafone completes gigabit cable upgrade in Baden-Wurttemberg

17 Jan 2022

Vodafone Germany has completed the upgrade of its cable network in Baden-Wurttemberg, enabling customers in the federal state to access maximum speeds of 1Gbps. In total around 3.7 million households in Baden-Wurttemberg can benefit from the DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade, representing around 99% of the state’s cable homes and 70% of its total households.

In September 2020 Vodafone completed its network upgrade in 13 federal states and with Baden-Wurttemberg now also finalised, upgrade work is continuing in the operator’s two remaining states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse. So far, around 23.6 million homes across the country can access Vodafone’s gigabit cable network, with this set to rise to more than 25 million (nearly 100% of its infrastructure) by the end of this year.

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