Comcast, Broadcom achieve 4Gbps speeds in DOCSIS 4.0 trial

14 Jan 2022

US cable giant Comcast has announced the successful test of a prototype 10G modem, which it says uses the core technology that will deliver multigigabit speeds to tens of millions of homes. In what is described as ‘a world-first lab test’, a Full Duplex DOCSIS 4.0 system-on-chip (SoC) cable modem built by Broadcom delivered upload and download speeds faster than 4Gbps powered by 10G network technology. The two parties describe DOCSIS 4.0 as ‘an evolutionary leap forward in the ability to deliver multigigabit upload and download speeds over the connections already installed in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide’.

United States, Broadcom, Comcast Corp (Xfinity, incl. Xfinity Mobile)