Economic Affairs Committee approves Communications Law changes related to licensing

12 Jan 2022

Israel’s Economic Affairs Committee has reportedly given approval to planned amendments to the Communications Law which are designed to ‘eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy’ related to the licensing of communications providers. In a press release issued by the Ministry of Communications (MoC), it was noted that the legislative changes are now expected to be tabled in the Knesset for a second and third reading, prior to final approval.

According to the MoC the amendments to the Communications Law are expected to ‘abolish the regulatory burden on licensing most communications services’, effectively shortening procedures related to licensing, while also easing market entry and reducing costs. An amendment to the law will mean that providers of some communication services will no longer need a licence, while providers of certain services will be able to obtain a ‘general permit’ concession within two weeks, compared to a process that currently can take ‘several months’. The MoC has suggested that, of the 175 communications licences currently valid in the country, 75 will be exempt from regulation under the updated legislation, while a further 75 will be covered by the fast-track general permit.

Commenting on the development, the ministry’s director general Liran Avishar Ben-Horin said: ‘Amending the law approved by the committee today is a revolution in the worlds of regulation and doing business. We are changing the regulatory worldview and promoting a lively and kicking communications market.’