Telefonica completes 3G network shutdown

5 Jan 2022

Telefonica Deutschland, which provides services under the O2 brand name, has announced that it shut down its 3G network on 30 December 2021, after switching off the final 300 3G sites. The 2100MHz frequencies that were previously used for the operator’s 3G service will be refarmed for its 4G LTE network, which offers maximum download speeds of 225Mbps and already covers 99% of Germans. The 2G network though, will remain in place as the basic mobile network for voice telephony and SMS. The shutdown of Telefonica’s 3G network, which comprised over 16,000 sites and covered 90% of the population, began in July 2021 and followed the deactivation of Vodafone and Telekom Deutschland’s 3G networks in June.

Germany, Telefonica Deutschland Holding