Mtel to start offering mobile services in spring

5 Jan 2022

The new telecoms operator in the North Macedonian market, Mtel (m:tel) – part of the Telekom Srbija (MTS) group – plans to start offering mobile telephony services in the spring of 2022, according to the General Manager of Telekom Srbija Vladimir Lukic. Local news agency Faktor reports that in an interview, Lucic emphasised that the plans for growth and expansion of MTS in North Macedonia are ambitious and the ultimate goal is a complete suite of telecoms and digital services: ’The entry of a third operator will certainly have a favourable impact on the market in terms of reducing prices and improving services. The research we have conducted shows that the mood of domestic customers is such that they welcome the arrival of a new operator by expecting an offer with better conditions and services from those who are already present.’ The company started operating in the country in mid-November 2021 and is currently providing satellite TV services to around 1,100 users.