ENACOM identifies 5G spectrum bands

5 Jan 2022

Argentina’s National Communications Agency (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones, ENACOM) has published a list of frequencies that it deems suitable for future 5G use. Published on 23 December, the list includes the following spectrum:

· 1427MHz-1518MHz (1500MHz band)

· 1770MHz-1780MHz/2170MHz-2200MHz (AWS-3 band)

· 2300MHz-2400MHz (2.3GHz band)

· 3300MHz-3600MHz (3.5GHz band)

· 24.25GHz-25.75GHz (26GHz band)

· 37GHz-43.5GHz (38GHz band)

A timeline for a 5G spectrum auction has not yet been disclosed, however.