Telekom boosts 5G coverage to 90% of Germans, accelerates FTTH rollout

15 Dec 2021

Telekom Deutschland, the domestic fixed and mobile unit of Deutsche Telekom, has revealed that it rolled out 1.2 million fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections in 2021 and plans to deploy a further two million in the coming year. The firm laid more than 70,000km of optical fibre across Germany this year to increase the total length of the network to over 650,000km. In terms of mobile communication, the operator states that more than 63,000 5G antennas are in operation (an increase of 6,000 in a year), providing coverage to 90% of the population, with the number of 5G antennas in the 3.7GHz band totalling 3,500 in more than 140 cities. During 2022 Telekom plans to invest around EUR6 billion (USD6.8 billion) in the development of its German operations, with a view to connecting a total of ten million households with optical fibre by 2024.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland