Telenor Hungary now operating over 200 5G base stations

6 Dec 2021

Telenor Hungary, which soft-launched 5G mobile services earlier this year, reports on its website that the live 5G network now spans more than 200 base stations in areas including high-demand zones of the capital Budapest, parts of Gyor and Torokbalint, plus various settlements around Lake Balaton. The operator – controlled by PPF Group – also highlights that it has recently extended the 5G footprint across district XI of Budapest, and notes that current 5G coverage is ‘mostly in the 3600MHz frequency band’ while indicating that it will develop wider 5G reach around the country using its 700MHz spectrum alongside existing bands previously used for 2G/3G/4G.

All Telenor customers can access its 5G services within all current coverage zones if they own a 5G-capable smartphone with any active data tariff, while the company says that the range of 5G devices in its device portfolio has been constantly growing throughout the year.