Telekom launches Hybrid 5G field tests

30 Nov 2021

Deutsche Telekom, which provides fixed and mobile services in its home market via its Telekom Deutschland unit, has announced the launch of field tests for its ‘Hybrid 5G’ solution. The technology, which combines a fixed network and mobile connection, will be offered to 800 interested parties until August 2022. Telekom states that in combination with an outdoor 5G receiver, the Speedport Smart 4 router enables more bandwidth and a more stable home network, and is particularly helpful in areas that are currently supplied with low fixed network bandwidths. Participants will be offered the receiver free of charge during the test period. The prerequisite for participation is an existing Telekom fixed network line with a MagentaZuhause rate plan and 5G reception. The 5G option with up to 500Mbps additional speed can be added free of charge.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland