MegaFon Tajikistan launches consumer fixed broadband access

25 Nov 2021

Mobile operator MegaFon Tajikistan has announced on its website the launch of a residential fixed broadband internet access service under the ‘Internet For Home’ banner. Noting that it has connected the new ‘wired access’ service via fibre-optic cables extended to 15 apartment buildings in capital city Dushanbe, initially in the Giprozem microdistrict, MegaFon also said that Internet For Home would be available in ‘most cities of the country’, inviting prospective subscribers to contact the company to check availability. The operator added that it is making use of existing fibre cables which it had previously laid to connect mobile base stations to speed up deployment of the fixed broadband service.

Tajikistan, MegaFon Tajikistan (TT Mobile)