CityFibre launches first 800Gbps backbone ring as part of its national DWDM project

25 Nov 2021

British pure fibre infrastructure provider CityFibre has announced the successful deployment of its first 800Gbps backbone wavelength in partnership with network technology solutions vendor Ciena, calling the development ‘a key milestone on [its] path to building a Full Fibre digital infrastructure that will reach up to eight million premises in the UK’. According to the operator, the initial 800Gbps wavelength serves 23 cities and towns and connects six ‘super core’ sites, with the first ring connecting Leicester, Peterborough, Cambridge, London, Milton Keynes and Northampton. CityFibre said two further rings will follow ‘swiftly’, providing the same enhanced core capacity between Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Bristol, Coventry and London.

CityFibre claims that the development represents the first phase of a national, multi-terabit, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network deployment. Once complete, CityFibre expects to own and operate a high availability, fully scalable backbone, enabled by Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme programmable 800G coherent optics, 6500 Reconfigurable Line System (RLS) and Manage, Control, Plan (MCP) intelligent domain controller. With fully diverse routing throughout, the network will connect CityFibre’s own fibre exchanges and ring-based access networks to third party datacentres and points of interconnect.

United Kingdom, CityFibre (incl. FibreNation)