XL Axiata deploys Massive MIMO to boost network capacity

24 Nov 2021

XL Axiata has deployed ‘Smart Massive MIMO’ technology in its network, working in partnership with Huawei, as pat of efforts to increase overall capacity and improve service quality. With the Indonesian cellco reporting a rise in data traffic, the company’s director & CTO, I Gede Darmayusa, noted that upgrades need to be implemented to balance its infrastructure with ‘adequate network capacity so that the quality of service does not decrease’. XL Axiata is deploying Huawei’s Smart Massive MIMO technology in areas with high traffic usage of data and internet services, such as in densely populated areas, offices, tourist attractions, to shopping centres, it said. Further, it will look to integrate the technology in its 5G network, noting that Massive MIMO should increase capacity ‘by about six to nine times’ on its fifth-generation network and also help optimise efficiency in the use of existing spectrum.

Indonesia, Huawei Technologies, XL Axiata