SPRK to auction 700MHz airwaves next month

24 Nov 2021

Latvian telecoms watchdog the Public Utilities Commission (Sabiedrisko Pakalpojumu Regulesanas Komisija, SPRK) will auction spectrum in the 700MHz band for 5G services next month. The tender comprises three licences for the use of 2×10MHz in the 700MHz range with a starting price of EUR2.2 million (USD2.5 million) and a duration of 20 years (February 2022 to January 2042). In addition, the SPRK will sell two 1×10MHz blocks with a slightly shorter duration (February 2025 to January 2042) and a base cost of EUR150,000. The auction is set to take place on 16 December 2021.

SPRK Chair Alda Ozola was quoted as saying of the tender: ‘This frequency band is important for the development of 5G network, as well as electronic communications network services and competition in Latvia. The benefits will be felt by users as well as other electronic communications merchants, receiving faster internet download speeds and better coverage in the country.’