Vodafone NZ tops 10,000 Wi-Fi Calling service users

22 Nov 2021

Vodafone New Zealand has announced that more than 10,000 mobile phone users are now connecting via Wi-Fi Calling, a service – sometimes referred to as Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) – that enables people in a location with a weak or no mobile signal to make and receive texts and calls using the Wi-Fi signal.

The operator explained in a press release that the new software feature is proving popular for people in remote areas, or in buildings with thick walls that mobile signals can sometimes struggle to penetrate. It also comes as Vodafone prepares to shut down its Sure Signal service from 10 December, an outdated technology that boosts the 3G mobile phone signal. Some 46 smartphones are currently enabled for Wi-Fi Calling and at least 30 more will be added over the coming months, the operator noted.

New Zealand, Vodafone New Zealand