5G SA being trialled at T-Mobile Poland

16 Nov 2021

T-Mobile Poland has launched a trial of 5G standalone (SA) services at a test environment in the city of Lodz and via two commercial base stations in Zambrow and Halinow. The trial is being carried out using 2.6GHz spectrum. The cellco says the tests will help to verify the interoperability of the current commercial network with the latest 5G solutions, while checking the operation of phones and routers in the 5G SA network.

Petri Pehkonen, Director of Technology and Innovation at T-Mobile Poland, said: ‘Currently, there are no commercially available 5G SA solutions on the market, so we want to use all possible opportunities to conduct tests with the participation of various suppliers. The knowledge gained in this way will allow us to better define our expectations towards suppliers and prepare our network for the implementation of 5G SA.’

Poland, T-Mobile Poland