CityFibre passes millionth home with its FTTP network

4 Nov 2021

UK-based CityFibre has announced the passing of what it called ‘a major milestone’, with it confirming it has made its millionth home ready for service (RFS) under its nationwide rollout of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology. In a press release regarding the development, CityFibre said this milestone means it is on track with its GBP4 billion (USD5.5 billion) investment programme, under which it aims to reach eight million premises with full fibre connectivity by 2025.

According to CityFibre, it now has 26 construction companies mobilised and in build across over 60 towns and cities across the UK, while it claims to currently be ‘the largest provider of Full Fibre lines in more than 25 locations’. By the end of 2022 CityFibre plans to have construction underway across more than 150 cities, towns and villages, before expanding to 285 by 2025. Customers within the company’s network footprint can, meanwhile, now place an order with one of CityFibre’s 30 of consumer Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners.

Commenting, CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch said: ‘With a million homes now able to access our Full Fibre connectivity and more added every day, we are focused on supporting our consumer ISP partners to drive service take-up. We look forward to collaborating with our partners in the coming months to design compelling new packages and initiatives, and to continue raising awareness of the benefits of Full Fibre.’

United Kingdom, CityFibre (incl. FibreNation)