Ultrafast Fibre rebrands as Tuatahi First Fibre

2 Nov 2021

New Zealand fibre provider Ultrafast Fibre has changed its name to Tuatahi First Fibre and unveiled a new brand identity and logo. Tuatahi means ‘first’ and represents Tuatahi First Fibre’s core function of providing New Zealanders with access to the world’s best broadband technology, as well as the company’s history and values, the operator said.

‘Our new name celebrates our story so far and embraces where we’re heading,’ Tuatahi First Fibre Chief Executive John Hanna said in a press release, adding: ‘Our new name is true to the reality of our product. We provide wholesale fibre to a range of internet service providers and they deliver ultra-fast internet to households, schools, businesses and healthcare facilities. We’re providing that first point of connectivity for the end user customers’

Established in 2010, Ultrafast Fibre owns and operates the fibre network in the urban areas of Hamilton, Tauranga, Whanganui, New Plymouth, Tokoroa, Hawera, Cambridge and Te Awamutu, providing access to ultra-fast broadband for around 235,000 premises.

New Zealand, Tuatahi First Fibre (formerly Ultrafast Fibre)