EE begins using 700MHz spectrum for ‘indoor 5G’

29 Oct 2021

British mobile network operator (MNO) EE, a subsidiary of BT, has announced the next phase of its 5G rollout, confirming it has switched on ‘indoor 5G’ at more than 50 sites across the UK. With a view to delivering ‘high-performance connectivity for its customers’, the cellco noted in a press release that it is using some of the 700MHz spectrum it secured at auction earlier this year for these new sites.

With the cellco claiming the development will strengthen indoor 5G performance and capacity in areas with existing 5G, while also delivering new connectivity in other areas, EE’s Director of Mobile Networks, David Salam, said: ‘We’ve got big ambitions for 5G connectivity in the next decade, and this is the latest milestone in our journey to provide our customers with unrivalled connectivity. This next stage of our 5G rollout will enable our customers to enjoy even better 5G, keeping them connected to the things that are most important to them.’

Looking ahead, as part of its ongoing network investment EE has pledged to extend its 5G network to reach half of the UK’s population by 2023, with nationwide coverage expected by 2028.

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach), EE