Ofcom issues decision updating technical conditions for 800MHz licences

28 Oct 2021

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has issued a decision updating the technical conditions of mobile concessions in the 800MHz band, saying that after consulting on the matter it had determined it was appropriate to do so. Setting out its judgment, the regulator confirmed the licence amendment is available to all holders of Spectrum Access 800 MHz licences on request. Licensees that wish to take advantage of these changes can apply to Ofcom for a variation of their concession.

Among the changes made as part of the decision, Ofcom has aligned the in-block transmit power limit with the 700MHz band, with the permitted base station transmit power increased from 61 dBm/(5MHz) EIRP to 64 dBm/(5MHz) EIRP. This is accompanied by a change to the way in which the power limit is referenced, moving from per radio equipment to per antenna; as part of this change, femtocells must implement power controls to minimise interference to adjacent channels. Meanwhile, to help facilitate equipment manufacturers make equipment that can use both the 700MHz and 800MHz bands, Ofcom has changed some of the out-of-band and out-of-block limits. Such changes have been made to closer align the power limits with the technical conditions set out in both the Spectrum Access 700MHz licences and the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) recommendation for the 800MHz band.

United Kingdom, Ofcom