NTC considering FNP move despite underwhelming debut of MNP

25 Oct 2021

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is reportedly mulling the introduction of fixed number portability (FNP) in the Philippines, according to its deputy commissioner Edgardo Cabarios. ‘Congress opted to limit the number portability to mobile [services]. There are only around I guess, four million fixed line subscribers compared to 150 million subscribers of mobile market,’ Cabarios said, adding: ‘But we are considering, trying to see whether there is a need for number portability to be used in the landline market’.

The NTC introduced mobile number portability (MNP) on 30 September allowing users to keep their number when switching service provider, and a similar scheme could be put in place for fixed telephony users. Whilst take-up to date has been somewhat underwhelming – Melanie Manuel, the head of Telecommunications Connectivity Inc., the joint venture company of the three telcos charged with the task of handling MNP, confirmed recently that only 1,000 subscribers had taken advantage of the new regime – in the long term, she is confident that users will get on board. Previously, in July this year, Manuel had predicted that one million Filipinos would switch networks in the launch phase.