MoTC issues decree increasing minimum universal broadband speed

22 Oct 2021

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (Liikenne-ja viestintaministerio, MoTC) has issued a decree under which the minimum level of speed that must be provided by universal broadband service providers will increase to up to 5Mbps.

In a press release, the MoTC confirmed that the decree will enter into force on 25 October 2021, while it specified that as per the ruling minimum downlink speeds must be at least 3.5Mbps, while ‘normal’ speeds – defined as ‘the speed that is maintained in 90% of cases during each four-hour measurement period’ – must be at least 4.5Mbps, with maximum speeds required being 5Mbps.

As noted in TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, all consumers and businesses were initially entitled by law to a broadband subscription offering download speeds of at least 1Mbps from 1 July 2010. Plans for an increase to the minimum mandated downlink rate was then announced when the MoTC in April 2015 confirmed it would require operators to provide a higher minimum rate of 2Mbps; it was not, however, until May 2016 that designations of universal service providers for 2Mbps broadband connections were made.