Sure Guernsey announces plan to roll out FTTP island-wide as state funding is approved

19 Oct 2021

A policy letter outlining financial support which will accelerate the rollout of Sure Guernsey’s new fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband network to reach all premises in the Bailiwick has been approved by. In announcing the development, Sure Guernsey said the project represented a GBP37.5 million (USD51 million) outlay, including a capped investment of up to GBP12.5 million from the States of Guernsey, with deputies said to have voted in favour of the government’s contribution as part of the ‘Digital Framework … an important action in the Government Work Plan’.

On the back of confirmation of the funding, Sure has said it will begin its ‘Guernsey Fibre’ project in early 2022, with this expected to be completed by 2026. According to the telco the States of Guernsey’s investment will enable it to accelerate the programme and extend fibre broadband to all 30,000 homes on the island within that timeframe. Meanwhile, Sure has confirmed that it will offer access to its full fibre network to other telcos ‘on a fair and equitable basis as regulated by the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority’. In terms of immediate steps, Sure has said it will launch a commercial FTTP pilot today (19 October), under which it will contact customers directly in specific areas to confirm when they are able to receive a fibre connection to their home.

Commenting, Sure Guernsey’s CEO Justin Bellinger said: ‘Today’s decision is good news for Guernsey as we can now proceed with this landmark project. Guernsey Fibre is going to bring faster speeds to all 30,000 households across the island and will support islanders’ increasingly digital lifestyles.’ States of Guernsey deputy Neil Inder, President of the Committee for Economic Development, added: ‘This is a significant investment in Guernsey’s future as we expect increased productivity across the board, as local businesses will be able to work remotely and develop further their digital capabilities with confidence, wherever they are. We’re very pleased to be taking this step forward in revolutionising Guernsey’s broadband network.’

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