Cellco association urges govt to change SIM rules, with registration deadline four months away

15 Oct 2021

According to the Communication Service under the Government of Tajikistan, by the end of June 2021 only 65.5% of mobile SIM cards in the country had been registered with the required user ID to meet regulations ahead of the latest re-registration deadline set for 15 February 2022.

The Association of Mobile Operators of Tajikistan has issued a notice reminding citizens of the requirements to re-register their SIMs (which in many cases requires the replacement of ID via the purchase of a newer version ID/passport issued from 2014 onwards) to avoid loss of services. As reported by Asia-Plus, the Association also proposed to the government that it reconsider its rules on SIM ownership – being enforced via Decree No. 64 of February 2019 – which limit an individual to registering a maximum of two SIMs to their name across all networks (as opposed to two per network prior to the decree, TeleGeography notes). The statement asserted that removing all restrictions on the usage of SIM cards per subscriber would act as an ‘incentive’ to accelerate the re-registration process.