Paltel Group calls on Juniper Networks for infrastructure upgrade

12 Oct 2021

Juniper Networks has announced its selection by Paltel Group to upgrade and develop parts of the latter’s network and infrastructure through the installation of a ‘simplified and space/power-conscious network to deliver fixed and mobile services for its business and residential subscriber bases’. In a press release regarding the partnership, it was noted that Paltel Group has consolidated its ongoing co-operation with Juniper, in a strategic move whereby the two organisations will work together to design and deploy the new infrastructure.

It is understood that the Palestinian company is aiming to upgrade its infrastructure and invest in a state-of-the-art broadband network gateway and international gateway to ensure a cohesive, agile and scalable platform to underpin its fixed and mobile operations. With managing power constraints while maximising throughput, bandwidth availability and scale said to be a key concern for Paltel, it has selected Juniper Networks’ MX Series Universal Routing Platforms for its gateway and provider edge use cases. Meanwhile, operational simplicity, continuity and future-proofing will reportedly be further supported by the One Junos Experience OS from Juniper that powers all of the routing and switching solutions deployed by Paltel.

Commenting, Paltel Group chairman Ammar Aker said: ‘Paltel regards digital communications as a fundamental, non-negotiable element for the community that we serve. Therefore, the network platform has to be so much more than ‘just’ a set of products; it really is the enabler of a flawless digital experience across business, information sharing, education, entertainment, public services, family life and so much more for our customers every day. For us, this is a huge responsibility and Paltel is confident that Juniper is exactly the right partner to help us succeed.’

Palestinian Territory, Juniper Networks, Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel, incl. Hadara)