beCloud upgrades LTE network with MIMO 4T4R technology

12 Oct 2021

Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud), the country’s common infrastructure provider, has announced the latest expansion and modernisation to its LTE networks across major parts of the country. In a press release, the company confirmed that it has upgraded sections of its 2600MHz network in Minsk, Brest, Mogilev, Kobrin and Soligorsk using advanced MIMO 4T4R technology. The upgrade, it claims, has boosted data capacity by ‘up to 50%’ while also optimising network bandwidth and communication quality to meet rapid growth in data traffic in high-usage areas.

The press release notes: ‘The use of 4T4R allows the use of the MultiUser MIMO mode of operation, which is included in the stack of declared 5G technologies and creates up to four simultaneous connections for multiple users, transmitting four data streams simultaneously, which improves network performance.’

Currently, beCloud’s LTE network comprises 3,300 base stations, up 36% since the beginning of this year, operating in three frequency bands: 1800MHz, 2600MHz and 800MHz. In total, the 4G networks serve more than 97% of the population and 77% of the territory of Belarus.

Belarus, Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud)