Telekom, Eutelsat cooperate to serve remote areas with satellite broadband

11 Oct 2021

Eutelsat Communications has announced the signing of an agreement to enable Deutsche Telekom, which provides services in Germany through its Telekom Deutschland unit, to distribute high speed satellite broadband via the Eutelsat Konnect satellite. Under the agreement, Telekom will commercialise Eutelsat Konnect broadband offers for households in Germany with limited internet connection, starting from the end of 2021. The two companies have also agreed to discuss an extension of their partnership, which would result in Telekom offering its own products via Eutelsat’s infrastructure, in the future.

In service since November 2020, Eutelsat Konnect has a total capacity of 75Gbps and is capable of offering speeds of up to 100Mbps to both individuals and companies. It covers the whole of Germany, as well as 14 other European countries. Telekom and Eutelsat are currently piloting an initial deployment in the city of Heimerzheim where the fixed network was badly affected by flooding in July. Connectivity has been re-established via satellite connection providing WLAN coverage for an information point where both relief workers and affected residents can access the internet free of charge.

‘Our ambition is to be the leader in both fixed and mobile communications,’ stated Andre Almeida, Managing Director Private Customers at Telekom Deutschland,’ adding: ‘Our fibre rollout remains one of the key building blocks for digitisation in Germany. In the coming years, Deutsche Telekom will make a massive contribution to further increasing the number of fibre connections for households and companies in Germany. The cooperation with Eutelsat is a perfect complement of our portfolio in the coming years to offer high speed broadband via satellite in regions where we have no high speed currently and for remote areas.’