Verizon swoops for Chariton Valley Communications assets, report says

1 Oct 2021

Verizon Wireless has negotiated a deal to acquire small-scale regional operator Chariton Valley Communications Corporation (CVCC), Light Reading reports, citing Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings. The article quotes the documentation as saying: ‘The proposed transaction will provide Verizon Wireless with additional spectrum capacity, which will help it to meet future demands of its customers for broadband wireless services in the markets … Chariton Valley will advise its approximately 7,300 customers of the sale to Verizon Wireless in the affected markets and release its customers from their service contracts.’

TeleGeography notes that CVCC has been a participant in Verizon’s ‘LTE In Rural America Programme’ since 2011. The 4G scheme saw Verizon arrange to lease pockets of its 700MHz spectrum to rural carriers so that they could roll out LTE networks, over which Verizon would have roaming rights. The project was ostensibly completed in October 2015, at which point all 21 participants had been confirmed by Verizon as being operational. At its peak, the rural operators collectively covered more than 2.7 million people across 169 rural counties in 15 states. A number of players have terminated their services in recent years, however, with Verizon itself acquiring the likes of Bluegrass Cellular and Triangle Mobile.

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